Torc and Daimler Executives

Torc and Daimler executives celebrate the formation of a technical powerhouse for automated trucks (March 29, 2019). From left: Ritchie Huang, Executive Manager -Advanced Safety Systems and Autonomous Driving for Daimler AG; Andrew Culhane, Director of Corporate Strategy and Automative Program Manager at Torc Robotics; Wilfried Achenbach, Senior Vice President of Engineering and Technology, Daimler Trucks, North America; Ben Hastings, Chief Technology Officer for Torc Robotics; Roger Nielsen, CEO, Daimler Trucks, North America; Michael Fleming, CEO of Torc Robotics; Peter Vaughan Schmidt, Head of Daimler Trucks Strategy and Head of Highly Automated Driving Project; John O’Leary, CFO, Daimler Trucks, North America; Greg Reiter, COO/CFO at Torc Robotics; and Michael Avitabile, Engineering Manager at Torc Robotics.