Innovation in Motion: Schneider and Torc Robotics’ Self-Driving Freight Pilot

In a rapidly evolving technological landscape, the race to develop safe and efficient self-driving trucks has reached new heights. As a pioneering player in the autonomous vehicle industry, Torc is proud that our collaboration with Schneider, a global leader in freight shipping and logistics, has led us to a groundbreaking pilot project.

“The talent within the organization and the product [Torc is] putting on the road is best in class,” says Jake VandeLoo, Vice President, Equipment Engineering at Schneider. “We feel that Torc is exceptionally well-performing in the technology from a comprehensive product scope.”

The pilot program, launched in September 2022, is shipping household goods both autonomously and manually, marking a significant milestone in the journey towards autonomous trucking. Together, we’re driving the future of freight from simulation, to on-road testing, all the way to real-world shipping.

Milestone Achievements

Since the announcement of the pilot project late last year, Torc and Schneider have achieved impressive milestones that underscore the potential of self-driving technology when applied to the freight industry:

Mileage Accumulation. So far, more than tens of thousands of miles have been traveled, combining a mix of autonomous and manual driving. The distance traveled highlights the progress made in integrating self-driving capabilities into the operational framework of long-haul trucking.

Reliability. Our collaboration has resulted in a perfect record of on-time deliveries. Our autonomous truck’s precision and predictability has paved the way for efficient freight transportation, bolstering confidence in the potential of self-driving vehicles. Hundreds of thousands of pounds of cargo have been safely transported as part of the pilot, showcasing the capability to handle substantial loads with precision and care.

Safety as a Priority. The pilot program serves as a testament to the rigorous testing, development, and safety measures implemented by all team members involved. Our joint commitment to safety underscores the responsibility Torc and its partners feel toward the future of autonomous transportation.

Operational Insights. The pilot’s primary goal is to gather invaluable insights into operational freight logistics. Through real-world testing, Torc and Schneider aim to refine and optimize the hub-to-hub model, creating a blueprint for seamless integration of our autonomous technology into the complex landscape of the freight industry.

Industry Expansion. The success of this pilot also has broader implications for the freight industry as a whole. By demonstrating the viability of autonomous freight transportation, Torc and Schneider are poised to bring other industry players into the autonomous ecosystem, fostering innovation and growth.

“We feel that Torc is exceptionally well-performing in the technology from a comprehensive product scope.”

Jake VandeLoo, Vice President, Equipment Engineering at Schneider

A Step Towards the Future

Torc’s Autonomous Advisory Council has played a pivotal role in overseeing the progress of the self-driving freight pilot. This real-time involvement has allowed the council members to actively participate in the development and testing of autonomous trucking technology, aligning with Torc’s commitment to transparency, collaboration, and safety.

The success of the pilot has paved the way for future endeavors not only between Torc Robotics and Schneider, but with the logistics world as a whole. Beyond the ongoing collaboration with Schneider, Torc Robotics has exciting prospects on the horizon. The company is doing a pilot project with C.R. England, a world-class leader in shipping, which will involve the transportation of refrigerated goods. This expansion into different domains of freight transportation underscores the versatility and adaptability of Torc’s self-driving technology.

The Schneider pilot is set to enter the next phase of the pilot, involving extensive testing, requirement gathering, and process development. As Torc continues to fine-tune its autonomous technology, Schneider’s logistical expertise will contribute to refining the operational aspects of self-driving transportation.

Navigating Tomorrow’s Highways with Self-Driving Semi-Trucks

Our collaboration with Schneider reflects a shared commitment to innovation and cutting-edge technology. With our expertise in developing autonomous driving software and Schneider’s extensive experience in freight shipping and logistics, this collaboration holds the potential to drive the future of freight. Torc’s close partnership with Daimler and our use of Daimler Truck’s autonomous-ready Freightliner Cascadia, propels us closer to 2027 commercialization.

The achievements attained during the self-driving freight pilot underscore the viability and potential of self-driving technology in the complex landscape of the freight industry. As the pilot progresses, it serves as a testament to the collaborative spirit, commitment to safety, and shared vision of innovation that drives both companies forward. With milestones achieved and lessons learned, the journey towards autonomous trucking takes a significant leap forward, promising a future where self-driving trucks seamlessly navigate the highways of tomorrow.