When!? One of the constant questions Torcrs gets asked isn’t the “how” we’re building autonomous trucks, but when will those trucks be on the road? Additionally, other autonomous trucking companies, focused on both software and hardware, have different timelines and metrics that they’re announcing and publicizing. So what’s autonomous hype and what’s the actual timing truth?

Frank Mabry, senior analyst of corporate strategy for Torc, was a guest on Freightwaves’ “Loaded and Rolling” show, with host Thomas Wasson. During his segment, Frank discusses how the autonomous hype isn’t the Torc truth.

“You know, I can’t speak for our competitors. I know what we’re doing here at Torc Robotics, and I know they’re facing the same obstacles that we’re facing,” Frank tells Thomas. “I can tell you from our perspective, we have not set a timeline yet. We are going to commercialize autonomous trucking when it’s safe for the public, when everything has been 100% tested and we know that we can put our families beside the trucks on the highways, and know it’s safe.”

Watch Frank’s entire “Loaded and Rolling” episode and see what he has to say about the autonomous hype out there now, when Torc autonomous trucks will be on the road full time, how there will always be a need for truck drivers, and how “seeing is believing” when it comes to autonomous trucks.

About Torc

In 2019, Torc joined the Daimler Trucks family – a leader in truck manufacturing. The companies are now combining their efforts to create highly automated semi-trucks to serve the needs of a growing freight economy. Their shared vision of safer transportation and accessibility, along with both partners’ experience, creates a unique partnership that is positioned for success.

“With the ever-rising demand for road transportation, not the least through e-commerce, there is a strong business case for self-driving trucks in the U.S. market and I believe the fastest path to commercialization for self-driving trucks is in partnership with Daimler Trucks. – Michael Fleming, CEO of Torc.

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