Become a Co-op or Intern at Torc

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Launch your career with Torc's Co-op Program

At Torc, we offer cooperative education (or "co-op") positions for college students to work on our teams and kick-start their careers.

Our co-op program allows you to develop your skills, work alongside world-class talent and get paid to work on autonomous vehicles. These opportunities are full-time and fully paid job opportunities. It's the perfect way to begin your dream career journey.

Give shape to your ideas. Learn about teamwork. Master time management. Contribute to the development of real-world solutions. Help us transform the future.

Become a Co-op
Zachary Joswick Software Engineer Co-op
"The experience you can get as a co-op at Torc is incredibly valuable and you get to work with some of the best engineers in the industry."
Zachary, former Software Engineer Co-op and current Torc employee
"My time with Torc has reinforced my career aspirations to pursue an automated driving solution."
Haseeb, former Software Engineer Co-op and current Torc employee
Haseeb Chaudhry, former Software Engineer Co-op and current Torc employee

Co-ops at Torc

What does a co-op do?

As a co-op, you will have the opportunity to develop your professional and interpersonal skills as you help advance autonomous vehicle development. Your specific challenges and goals may include collecting and analyzing data, creating HD maps for autonomous vehicle routes, supporting in-vehicle tests, or assisting with marketing campaigns. You will work with cross-functional teams and contribute to our goals. Torc is a company that was founded by college students, and many Torc’rs have begun successful careers as co-ops.

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Tips for applying

You may be a perfect fit for a co-op position if:

  • You're a college junior through PhD-level graduate student.
  • You never stop asking questions.
  • You love to learn by doing.
  • You have an indefatigable work ethic.
  • You want to be part of a team that is changing the world through self-driving technology.
  • Your work ethic and are passionate about changing the world through self-driving technology.
When applying, you should do the following:
  • Apply at least one semester before you would like to join. We have openings year-round and offer flexible work terms based on needs.
  • Highlight your experience on collegiate competition teams, development in labs and membership in club-related activities.
  • Showcase your passion for what you do. We are nerds, and we love people who can intelligently geek out about their work.
  • List any skills relevant to the position for which you are applying. If you're applying to be a software engineer co-op, a background in core computing languages such as C++ and ROS would be key.

Tips for Applying to Torc
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Change the world

When you join Torc as a co-op, you will work as an integral part of the team you join. Your voice will be heard. Your decisions will help drive Torc's direction. You will be helping develop autonomous technology that will revolutionize the automobile industry.

Torc Freightliner Cascadia in Arizona on the highway

Gain real-world experience

Graduates often face the dilemma of needing work experience to gain experience when applying for jobs. You can set yourself apart from other candidates by taking a semester to work as a co-op. This opportunity can help you develop your skills — as well as set you up for consideration in a full-time job at Torc. In addition to gaining valuable career experience, you can also create a lasting network of connections, mentors and friends by interfacing with other engineering professionals on your team.

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Join Our Team

If autonomous technology is your passion, Torc is the perfect place to take your experience to the next level.