Aerial view of Stuttgart
Technology & Software Development Center

Stuttgart, Germany

Stuttgart: The Home of Torc Europe

Torc chose Stuttgart to tap into the available talent pool in one of Germany’s prime automotive development regions. The Stuttgart team supports the ongoing development of SAE Level 4 virtual driver for deployment in autonomous trucks in the United States.

Technology & Software Development Center

Torc Germany
Augsburger Str. 540
Stuttgart, Germany 70327


"Stuttgart is known as an area with a wealth of automotive and autonomous vehicle expertise. We hope to leverage this significant talent pool to meet our commercialization goals and support our mission of increased safety and efficiency."
Michael Avitable

Our Facility

Torc Europe GmbH is an independent entity and a 100% subsidiary of Torc Robotics, Inc. Close to an existing Daimler Truck R&D facility and near the Daimler Truck AG headquarters, Torc Europe is located in an 18,000 sq ft technology center with a 12,000 sq ft garage.

Torc truck in front of Stuttgart office

Our Partnership

“Torc is working closely with Daimler Truck to optimize the entire product stack including the virtual driver, sensing and computer hardware, and the redundant chassis to be the first company to launch a scalable and profitable self-driving product,” said Torc Founder and CEO Michael Fleming. “Torc’s Stuttgart technology and software development center will leverage the deep automotive and trucking technical and product expertise to make this a reality.”

an autonomous truck driving down the road

Our Team

“Do I need to hire the rockstar or the team player? I will always take the team player. It’s Torc’s hungry and humble and people smart way and motto,” says Torc Europe director Axel Gern.

Autonomous Trucking: Axel Gern to head Torc Europe
Axel Gern Torc Europe
"It is a marathon, not a sprint, but we are still going to come in first."
Axel Gern