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Beyond the Code: how Torc’rs work together to form a winning team

Join our diverse team of experts and help us create solutions to improve safety and efficiency – both in the office and on the road.

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A diverse team is a winning team

Every Torc’r is unique. The traits that define and motivate us to save lives are what unite us. At Torc, we recognize that technical prowess is only part of the equation. Our team includes people with a consistent drive to accomplish great things. We look for those who don’t let ego get in the way of teamwork and understand how to communicate with a diverse group.

Our Core Values

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Our core values are Hungry, Humble, and People Smart:

  • Hungry – Hungry for knowledge. Hungry for action. Torc’rs always strive to learn and do more.
  • Humble – Torc’rs are humble. We do not lead with egos. We place team success over individual accomplishment.
  • People Smart – Torc’rs are empathetic, respectful and open-minded to people from all backgrounds.
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"Team members are incredibly kind and willing to help. Folks strive for efficiency and are willing to change processes that do not work well. All ideas are welcome."
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"Here at Torc, you will work with interesting people on cutting edge projects and solve important issues that impact our community and the world. The projects are meaningful and the work is very rewarding."

A Day in the Life

Staying Active

Fun and camaraderie are the norm at Torc. We believe in balancing hard work with activities that bring us together and help us recharge. In addition to team-building days, friendly competitions and social events, we take advantage of our beautiful mountain locations. Torc’rs frequently schedule group hikes, bike rides and other leisure activities. We have even been known to host some epic Nerf wars.

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Giving Back

At Torc, we believe in giving back to our community. Our team members are actively involved in community outreach and participate in a number of events, including:

  • campus clubs
  • fundraising
  • headquarter tours
  • robotics competitions
  • speaking engagements

torc team member giving back to the community.

Always Learning

We believe success comes from working and learning together. Cross-functional collaboration happens every day at Torc. Torc'rs even host lunch-and-learns to share knowledge with team members, whether about a new team initiative or an interesting hobby. We learn from one another as we work together towards our common goal of saving lives.

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Blacksburg, VA

Nestled between the Alleghany and Blue Ridge Mountains and along the New River, Blacksburg offers an abundance of beauty and outdoor activities, including hiking, biking, fishing, kayaking, caving, rock climbing and golfing. After work bike rides on the nearby Huckleberry Trail and group hikes among Torc'rs are common. Combined with the plethora of resources for autonomous vehicle testing and continued state support, it's easy to see why Virginia has been our home for 15 years.

Blacksburg Torc Life
Torc vehicle on roads downtown Blacksburg

Austin, TX

Austin's mix of creative technology talent and its freight-lane-dense location make it the perfect place for Torc to innovate software engineering and Product Development. Austin Torcr's bolster our autonomous capabilities and help define our integrated product for the freight industry. Austin is integral to the southwest corridor and opens up an opportunity for our future lane expansion in other major Texas freight corridors.

Austin Torc Life
Torc truck at Austin opening

Stuttgart, Germany

Stuttgart, Germany serves as the primary location for Torc’s European software development efforts. Our Stuttgart Torc'rs work in close collaboration with their Daimler Truck colleagues and enjoy exploring all that Stuttgart has to offer.

Torc truck in front of Stuttgart office

Albuquerque, NM

Albuquerque is a vibrant metropolitan city that enjoys endless options for dining, shopping and recreation. The cost of living is below the national average. With four distinct seasons and over 300 days of sunshine, Albuquerque is an ideal place for outdoor enthusiasts to call home. Hiking, biking, kayaking, golfing, rock climbing and skiing are easy to enjoy in the 29,000 acres of open space around Albuquerque. Torc is pleased to call Albuquerque home as we continue to advance the unique field of autonomous trucking.

Albuquerque Torc Life
aerial view of city