Driving at night presents its own set of challenges for self-driving cars. However, night driving in Las Vegas brings the challenges of city driving as well. Bright signs provide constant change to the lighting conditions, and traffic congestion can lead to unpredictable situations. The Torc self-driving vehicles use active sensors, such as LIDAR and RADAR, which bounce signals off the surrounding objects and do not depend on ambient light. These allow our autonomous system to “see” in non-ideal lighting conditions and continue to navigate the road safely.

These video clips show the Torc self-driving car taking on Vegas roads at night, demonstrating our autonomous system’s skill in ever-changing lighting conditions. Additionally, the car navigates stop-and-go traffic, traffic signals, and U-turns.

We’re showcasing the capabilities of our autonomous car system on real public roads with real scenarios the car has encountered. To get updates on the latest videos, check back on our blog or subscribe to our YouTube channel.