Self-driving cars need to be able to classify and react to differently sized vehicles in the road based on how that type of vehicle may act. Large vehicles, like the one shown in this video, move differently than small cars or motorcycles. They often move more slowly, and need more space to change lanes and make wide turns. Our autonomous perception and planning software reacts differently to larger objects with different vehicle dynamics.

In this video, the Torc self-driving car prepares to make a left turn at a light behind a large bus. The bus swings wide into the rightmost lane and the Torc car slows, waiting for the bus to complete the turn. The light turns yellow, and our car completes the turn as to not block the intersection.

We’re showcasing the capabilities of our autonomous car system on real public roads with real scenarios the car has encountered. To get updates on the latest videos, check back on our blog or subscribe to our YouTube channel.