In this video, the Torc self-driving car needs to turn into the rightmost lane to prepare for a future merge onto a highway. A series of cones blocks the right-most lane, so our car turns into the next lane over until it has passed all the cones, and then performs a lane change to enter the preferred lane. It then makes the decision to safely continue through a yellow light.

The mapping and localization components of our autonomous system are closely integrated, giving the autonomous system information about the road while also allowing it to make real-time decisions. Prior to a turn or merge, the Torc self-driving car will navigate to the appropriate lane in anticipation of that event. If that lane is blocked, the Torc car maneuvers to the next lane and attempts to lane change as soon as it is safe to do so.

We’re showcasing the capabilities of our autonomous car system on real public roads with real scenarios the car has encountered. To get updates on the latest videos, check back on our blog or subscribe to our YouTube channel.