There are many scenarios that cause a lane to be blocked by another vehicle, and self-driving cars need to respond safely to all of them. In our example on Day 12, the Torc car responded to a vehicle which abruptly stopped to pick up passengers from the sidewalk.

In this video taken by one of our roof-mounted cameras, the Torc self-driving car performs a U-turn, and then approaches a truck turning off the road, blocking the lane. Our autonomous system detects that the truck is moving out of the way and slows to wait for it to leave the lane. The Torc car will perform a lane change for a stationary vehicle blocking the lane, but our system predicted that the lane would soon clear, based on the truck’s movement.

We’re showcasing the capabilities of our autonomous car system on real public roads with real scenarios the car has encountered. To get updates on the latest videos, check back on our blog or subscribe to our YouTube channel.