The 2007 DARPA Urban Challenge (DUC) not only kickstarted the autonomous car revolution, it also helped start Torc’s journey toward developing autonomous vehicles across multiple industries. Our mission has been one of saving lives, creating autonomous systems that facilitate safer roads, workplaces, and military operations.

The DARPA Urban Challenge website says that they held this challenge as a part of its overall goal of developing technology that will “keep warfighters off the battlefield and out of harm’s way.” The 2007 DUC focused on urban roads and challenged teams to develop a vehicle to navigate a complex course without a driver.

Torc partnered with Virginia Tech students to form team Victor Tango. Together, they developed Odin, the self-driving car that came in 3rd place and was one of six to finish the rigorous course within the time limit.

After the challenge, many Virginia Tech students that were on Team Victor Tango joined Torc after graduating, and our winning team has continued to grow year-after-year. Watch our DARPA Urban Challenge video for more insight into our journey to the finish line, and the incredible opportunities we’ve had in the decade since to develop technology with a purpose: saving lives.