Torc’s work assisting the warfighter

Our dedication to saving lives with autonomous technology extends beyond highways and urban streets. Torc has worked closely with the Marine Corps Warfighting Lab (MCWL) for almost a decade to develop solutions to increase the safety of our warfighters, allowing them to effectively deal with a variety of dangerous situations while reducing the risk of casualties. 

In 2009, Torc developed the Ground Unmanned Support Surrogate (GUSS), a military support vehicle equipped with advanced off-road autonomy capabilities to increase efficiency and remove our warfighters from dangerous environments.

The AITV is designed to move as if it is a part of the squad, shadowing warfighters during travel in rugged, off-road environments. GUSS was developed to reduce the risk of injury to human warfighters with the ability to autonomously navigate a pre-determined mission path for resupply, increase carrying capacity, and remove the human operator from dangerous areas. Torc has continued to work on the GUSS project for several years and on several vehicle iterations.

Watch this video from MCWL to learn more about the technology developed in this effort.