‘The Future of Supply Chain’ to Host Industry Leaders

Transportation Logistics and Supply Chain industry leaders are gathering in Rogers, Arkansas for the latest event hosted by Freightwaves: The Future of Supply Chain. This event will be May 9-10, 2022, at the Rogers Convention Center in Northwest Arkansas.

Attendees will hear from dozens of industry leaders sharing insight, future trends and highlighting emerging technology. Those who attend are invited to learn firsthand how companies are leveraging digital technology to improve the management of supply chains, explore new applications, and learn the latest trends in education.

Torc to Exhibit in Booth #10 at ‘The Future of Supply Chain’

As a universal sponsor at this year’s event, Torc will be sharing how autonomy is proving to make the roads safer. Torc is focused on establishing relationships with stakeholders throughout the industry to work together in developing a solution that is tested and safe. Visitors and attendees can find the Torc exhibit at Booth #10.

“We are excited to be a sponsor with Freightwaves at this great event. The Future of Supply Chain provides Torc with the opportunity to highlight the incredible advancement in self-driving trucks technology” said Daniel Parker, Director of Product Marketing for Torc. “Torc Robotics is a pioneer in commercializing autonomous vehicle technology and we get to hear directly from industry leaders on where they stand with autonomy. Fostering relationships with other stakeholders to roll out autonomous trucks in a way that improves the shipment of freight, safety, and more.”

Frank Mabry, Torc’s Senior Freight Analyst, has been invited to be interviewed by Freightwaves on their “Loaded and Rolling” podcast to discuss the pulse of autonomy in the industry, plus the progress Torc has made working with stakeholders and executives of large carriers in the trucking industry.

“I’m looking forward to the opportunity to sit down with such a great company and host of this event to discuss important topics around autonomous commercial motor vehicle technology,” said Frank Mabry. “I look forward to sharing Torc’s commitment to collaborate with industry leaders, carriers, shippers, and drivers to discuss the immediate, positive impact autonomous trucks can have to solve current supply chain challenges.”

Additionally, Torc’s Product Strategy Manager Walter Grigg will be speaking at the Freightwaves event on Day One, Monday, May 9, on “The Role of Autonomy in the Future Supply Chain.” Torc is also sponsoring lunch on Day One.

Stakeholders Join the Torc Autonomous Advisory Council (TAAC)

Torc is already working with freight industry leaders to create the workflow maps for drivers and the entire U.S. transportation network using this “additional choice” in freight.

With the recently launched Torc Autonomous Advisory Council (TAAC), Torc is working to match the technological advances to the social and economic needs in the coming years. Torc is also working to educate the public before self-driving trucks become a choice and a norm on the highways.

Torc Robotics Published in Forbes

Forbes recently published an article sharing how Daimler Truck, Torc’s majority stakeholder, and Torc hosted an event for journalists that was held at their autonomous truck testing site in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The event was geared towards answering questions for journalists, such as when autonomous trucks will be on the road, and what type of truck carriers will choose to use.

This event gave journalists and other attendees a firsthand look at how autonomous technology works and the progress that Torc has made working alongside Daimler Truck on integrating autonomous technology with chassis and more.

About Torc

In 2019, Torc joined the Daimler Trucks family – a leader in truck manufacturing. The companies are now combining their efforts to create highly automated semi-trucks to serve the needs of a growing freight economy. Their shared vision of safer transportation and accessibility, along with both partners’ experience, creates a unique partnership that is positioned for success.

“With the ever-rising demand for road transportation, not the least through e-commerce, there is a strong business case for self-driving trucks in the U.S. market and I believe the fastest path to commercialization for self-driving trucks is in partnership with Daimler Trucks. – Michael Fleming, CEO of Torc.

Follow Torc to learn where you’ll find us next on the road. Plans are in the works for Torc to exhibit at many more events in 2022.