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Torc Robotics featured in NOVA documentary

on October 24, 2019

(BLACKSBURG) Torc Robotics was one of several companies featured in Look Who’s Driving – a NOVA documentary that premiered on PBS Wednesday night. The documentary takes a high-level look at the issues and technology behind self-driving vehicles. 

Local viewers will recognize some of the scenery, along with footage of Torc’s self-driving car operating in rain and snow, plus traveling to Washington, D.C. Interviews with CEO Michael Fleming highlight the many years of work that have brought the technology to today’s capabilities.

Torc CEO riding in a self-driving vehicle.

“We are happy to play a role in educating consumers and technologists alike to the issues and capabilities of self-driving vehicles,” Fleming said. “Self-driving technology has tremendous potential to save lives, but it needs to be rolled out with safety as a prime consideration.”

Torc develops Level 4 technology, in which the vehicle makes the decisions, but operates within constraints, such as prescribed routes, types of environments, or even time of day. 

Torc employee working on a LIDAR sensor.

Torc teammates sitting at a conference room table.


About Torc Robotics

Torc Robotics, headquartered in Blacksburg, Virginia, is a member of the Daimler Trucks family. Torc offers a complete autonomous software solution for mobility applications including self-driving cars and transit vehicles and vehicles in safety-critical applications, such as defense, mining, and agriculture. Founded in 2005, Torc has integrated its self-driving solutions on ground vehicles ranging from SUVs to 300-ton mining trucks. The company currently employs around 100 people.

Jim DudleyTorc Robotics featured in NOVA documentary

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