Autonomous trucking is on the horizon, and the freight industry is being disrupted. ‘Trucking Forward With Torc’ will help you navigate the future of freight and not get left behind.

We’re hosting trucking influencers and advisors, regulatory specialists, freight logistics pros and experts, and more as we explain Torc’s technology and how it will be deployed in an already existing enormous and enormously complicated transportation world. Truck drivers, freight logistics companies, and anyone curious about self-driving trucks should listen in.

Every episode will bring on-air interviews with freight’s top leaders from our studio straight into your cab. From TAAC spokespeople to trucker advocacy non-profits, our roster of guests will apply their unique perspectives to topics like intermodal transportation, the CDL regulatory process, levels of autonomy, and more.

Whether you’re a truck driver or a fleet manager, we have something for everyone who moves bulk freight, or who are just curious about the innovation and technology on the horizon. On this new semi-truck focused podcast, all walks of life are invited to share their unique view on all things trucking, autonomy, and more.



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Ingrid Brown, Host, AMERICA on 18 Wheels on FreightWaves on the TFWT Podcast

Ingrid Brown is a trucking powerhouse, and probably the only guest we’ll ever have that has a truck stop named for her. She’s the host of FreightWaves’ “AMERICA on 18 Wheels.” You’ll also find Ingrid in all social media platforms and on Ingrid is a 42 year truck driver and independent owner operator of Rollin’ B LLC. She is also honest and open about what she feels about autonomy, but she’s willing to learn.

You can follow Ingrid Brown on LinkedIn and Instagram.

Justin Martin, ‘Supertrucker,’ Social Media Content Creator with FreightWaves on the TFWT Podcast

‘Back the Truck Up’s’ Justin Martin is still surprised he’s a content creator. A long-time truck driver, he simply responded to a job ad, and boom, he is now part of the Freightwaves family on ‘Back the Truck Up.’ Listen in to hear his takes on safety, autonomy, the future of trucking, how he was discovered as a driver influencer, and some pretty cool entertainment at the end.

You can find Justin Martin on Twitter, LinkedIn and on the ‘Back the Truck Up’ homepage.


About Landon Middleton

Host Landon Middleton is a Torc’r, a 13-year trucking professional, an author, and a freight expert. As a veteran in the podcasting world, Landon brings technical expertise and keen storytelling abilities to each episode he works on. Combined with a star-studded roster of guests, Landon’s podcasting experience is creating a platform that combines the best of the industry with the latest in autonomous semi-truck news.

If you’d like to be a guest on the podcast, please email us!