Self-driving trucks: We're in this for the long haul.

torc truck on road

Trucks Keep Our World Moving

Trucking. It is the backbone of our economy. Trucks are responsible for transporting much of the food we eat, the furniture in our homes that give us comfort and the medicine that treats our ailments. A truck likely transported the technology you’re using to read this.

At Torc, we understand the extent to which our lives are dependent on freight movement. That is why our expert software engineers are developing autonomous technology to meet the industry's ever-increasing demand. We are committed to delivering this technology because trucks keep our world moving.

Our Goal

Transforming Trucking and Transportation

Trucking plays an essential role in our economy. The speed of technological innovation and the rise of eCommerce transform the way people drive and transport goods. Our goal is to revolutionize trucking technology so that freight haulers will be able to transport goods more efficiently and, most importantly, more safely.

Understanding the Needs of Our Customers

We are working toward this goal with our partners – not just OEMs but also customers, freight haulers, drivers and local communities. The enormous implications of self-driving technology are part of the reason why it’s critical that we learn from industry leaders, work with our partners and listen to our community. By working together, we can all realize improvements to road safety and economic benefits.

We aim to provide self-driving technology and services by creating a full network that will allow freight companies to meet the increasing demands of moving goods. Developing an infrastructure and useable services is just as important as the technology itself. We’re committed to close collaboration with trucking companies to create a solution that can be seamlessly integrated into existing logistics operations.

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Why Hub to Hub

While highway driving typically occurs at higher speeds than other driving types, it is less complicated than the multitude of intersections, pedestrians, one-way streets and alleyways encountered by drivers on urban roads. Torc is developing our autonomous technology for the simpler route first.

We’re developing our self-driving trucks to transport freight on highways between customer hubs – whether they be freight distribution centers, travel stops, or shipping yards.

Focusing first on a robust solution for the middle mile allows us to deliver customer value more efficiently.

Road Ready

At Torc, safety isn’t just another priority. It drives everything we do. Using tried and tested self-driving solutions and working with our partners can help make our work safer and more efficient. We are committed to delivering solutions that are as safe, reliable and secure as the trucks that keep America running.

Safety at Torc
torc team members inspecting a truck.