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Torc and Daimler Truck: Developing truly integrated self-driving trucks

Working Together to Shape Future of Success

In 2019, Torc and Daimler Truck created an extraordinary relationship with the goal of helping improve road safety and deliver goods more efficiently.

Together, the companies are working to develop autonomous trucks. Daimler Truck has been at the forefront of trucking innovation for over a century – from the first truck to driver-assist technology. Torc will commercialize self-driving trucks to make roads safer and fulfill its mission of saving lives.

It's a unique partnership with a trucking leader and one of the most experienced providers of heavy-duty autonomous vehicle software.

Daimler Trucks

Torc and Daimler executives gathered together for a photo.

Gottlieb Daimler invented the first automobile in 1886 and Daimler has led innovation backed by superior engineering ever since. Daimler Truck North America is North America’s leading commercial vehicle manufacturer and includes the market-leading Freightliner brand.

Daimler Truck is dedicated to state-of-the-art engineering solutions to revolutionize the commercial trucking industry. It was the first manufacturer to put partially automated driving features (SAE level 2) into series production. Daimler Truck is applying 125 years of experience developing and perfecting the truck towards the common goal of bringing a series-produced highly automated truck to market, including a redesign of the truck chassis that makes it perfectly suited for highly automated driving.

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Torc’s experience with developing and successfully commercializing self-driving technology as its focus on safety makes it an ideal partner.
Roger Nielsen, former president and CEO of Daimler Truck North America
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Truck automation on public road

What Torc Does

Torc is utilizing its 15-years of experience in self-driving vehicle technology to drive the development of self-driving trucks.

The Torc team has always been laser-focused on creating solutions that will work for customers in the real world. We are leading the development of the software and systems that make autonomous highway driving possible while looking to the future of how this technology will be put into practice.

We believe software and hardware need to be perfectly integrated to establish a safe solution that can be commercialized. Our approach to cooperative design led us to partner with the most experienced OEM and we’re defining the parameters for a reinvented truck that can safely maneuver without human intervention.

Our Joint Approach

Torc and Daimler Truck form a partnership that combines Torc’s ability to develop and commercialize autonomous technology with Daimler Truck’s experience at the forefront of the trucking industry. Together, the teams share a strong safety culture and a common approach to development:

  • Creating technology to solve a need
  • Never compromising our commitment to safety
  • Taking iterative steps toward a long-term goal
  • Forming strong partnerships
  • Balancing fast-paced innovation with rigorous testing and validation

With this unique partnership, we’re on our way to bringing truly integrated and autonomous trucks to market within the decade.


At Torc, we understand the extent to which our lives are dependent on trucking. That is why our expert software engineers are developing autonomous technology to meet the industry’s ever-increasing demand.

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The race to autonomy is a marathon, not a sprint. Learn more about how Torc is developing autonomous technology.

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