Taking our self-driving technology on the road

Vehicle Testers perform a walkaround of a Torc truck before testing

Vehicle Testing & Safety Operations

The test crew brings our developers’ code to life, deploying the autonomous driving system on closed courses and public roads. Always working toward a reliable and safe solution requires a team of passionate individuals who dedicate themselves to testing the features and overall safety of our vehicles.

Safety Operations

Torc’s Safety Operations works with Vehicle Testing to ensure that all development and testing align with Torc’s high safety standards. They accomplish this task by carefully crafting and executing rigorous safety training courses and performing hazard risk analysis.

Torc team member wearing a mask and holding a clipboard.
"The sense of deep responsibility that comes with owning a decision that could affect others' lives was instilled in me during my time in the military. You have to own your decisions, and often lives are on the line."
Kyle, Operational Safety Engineer
an autonomous truck driving down the road
vehicle testing, woman in front seat of car
"Safety policies and protocols are much more effective if the team following them understands the underlying motivation, and many times, the team can suggest a more efficient and robust solution to the original safety concern."
Ruel, Sr. Operational Safety Engineer

Areas of Expertise

Safety Conductor

The safety conductor serves as the in-vehicle test lead and is responsible for the safe execution of tests. They work to ensure everything is running smoothly and safely from test prep to after action. Being a safety conductor is a critical role. They are monitor everything from test tickets and the environment to the test crew itself to ensure drivers remain focused throughout the mission.

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Torc employees looking over testing notes in a vehicle

Safety Driver

The safety driver ensures the safety of the persons in and outside of the vehicle. Torc and Daimler Trucks hand-select safety drivers for our truck team. Safety drivers must hold a Class A Commercial driver’s license (CDL). Those certified for autonomous runs must have extensive experience driving in various conditions, a clean driving record and show dedication to our safety procedures.

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