Unmatched safety at your fingertips

When you absolutely need a machine to stop, now.

Autonomous and remote-control systems are changing the way we work. But emergencies still happen, and that’s where SafeStop comes in. With SafeStop, you’re always in control. With just the push of a button you can immediately stop all movement for the connected machine.

SafeStop is built into many of our more complex systems, including RemoteTask. But as a standalone product, it’s designed for integration into virtually any robotics/autonomous application. You can even pair multiple controllers with the receiver, so whether you’re in the field close by, at a distance via remote-control, or even in a control room miles away, when a problem arises, anyone with a connected handheld controller can immediately halt movement.

Ultimate operational flexibility

SafeStop is designed to keep going as long as you are, up to 12 hours of continuous operation per charge. The system operates on its own comms link for enhanced signal reliability. If for some reason the connection is lost, the system automatically pauses movement for safety. In addition to the handheld controllers, SafeStop is available in a compact OEM transmitter format for integration into your existing control center.


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