Driving the Future of Freight

Torc is commercializing self-driving trucks for safe, sustained, long-haul innovation in the freight industry.


The future of freight

As a subsidiary of Daimler Truck and laser focused on the top-selling Freightliner Cascadia, Torc is commercializing self-driving trucks for safe, sustained, long-haul innovation in the freight industry.


As an autonomous vehicle leader since 2007, we know that revolutionary change does not happen overnight. We’re collaborating with top fleet management companies to develop and deploy real-world solutions. We’re learning from industry leaders to hone a focused hub-to-hub product. Our purpose is to drive the future of freight. Our vision is to be the world’s leading autonomous trucking solution.


Safe transportation is vital for everyone, and we want the public and our partners to understand how safety guides every aspect of our work. Our approach is iterative: Our expert engineers constantly challenge themselves to improve our solutions. We carefully craft and continuously test the software and hardware.  Industry-leading sensors are seamlessly integrated into our trucks to ensure they see and act in real-time. We lead the industry with safe, cutting-edge self-driving solutions.



We work with the best-in-class companies, because innovation on this scale requires many hands.

From our pilot programs with national freight companies to the companies developing the hardware we use, we are building a solid network of partners, customers, and thought leaders to bring autonomy onto our roadways.

“We see great potential for Torc’s autonomous technology
to improve freight efficiencies while helping to lower cost.”

Rob Reich


The foundations of our autonomous ecosystem



Torc is a place for innovators. We approach our goal with curiosity, care, and drive.

We have the strength of support from leading industry partners balanced with a can-do mindset and fast-paced atmosphere that allows bright minds to enact meaningful change.

It takes a collaborative team to develop the technology that will lead us to a new tomorrow. All that’s missing is you.


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