Driven by Safety

Pioneers in Self-Driving Technology

An autonomous vehicle leader since 2007, Torc is commercializing self-driving trucks for safe, sustained, long-haul innovation in the freight industry.

As veterans of the self-driving industry, we know that revolutionary change does not happen overnight. Commercializing self-driving vehicles is a marathon, not a sprint. We collaborate with industry leaders like Daimler Trucks, Luminar Technologies and top fleet management companies to develop and deploy real-world solutions. Throughout our history of commercializing autonomous technology across multiple industries, our mission has always been to develop solution-oriented technology that helps make our roads safer.

The approach we take to developing technology is iterative. Our expert engineers constantly challenge themselves and work together to improve our solutions. We carefully craft and continuously test the software and hardware that allow our solutions to drive like the best drivers on the road. Industry-leading sensors are seamlessly integrated into our vehicles to ensure they see and act in real-time. We lead the industry with cutting-edge self-driving solutions because we are dedicated to helping save lives.


Safety is the most important core value at Torc. As a team, we work to develop, test, and create with our mission of saving lives at the forefront. Everything, including our timeline to commercialization, is driven by our safety measurements. Torc’s experience delivering autonomous vehicles for use in safety-critical applications started over a decade ago as we worked with mining sites, construction crews, and various branches of the Department of Defense on advancing technology to help keep workers and warfighters safe in dangerous environments.

Now, we use those lessons to scale the right way. We seek the knowledge of veteran truck drivers to emulate and learn from the safest drivers on the road. Our self-driving software must pass through a series of rigorous testing before it can be deployed on the vehicle and driven on public roads. Every Torc’r works to apply our safety principles to their job on a daily basis.


At Torc, we understand the extent to which our lives are dependent on trucking. That is why we are focused on developing self-driving solutions to meet the challenges of an industry with an ever-increasing demand for goods. We chose trucks because of the impact we believe our technology can have for freight transportation and road safety. We are partnered with Daimler Trucks, a leader that has been innovating for over 100 years – from the very invention of the truck.

Torc and Daimler Trucks form a dynamic team to rapidly and safely develop self-driving trucks. The goal is a fleet with truly integrated software and hardware, built specifically for level 4 driving. The true measure of success, however, is a system that works to boost freight efficiency and helps get everyone home safe at the end of every shift.


wide shot of the side of a Daimler truck


Our Winning Team

Founded by a team of engineers at the forefront of the autonomous driving revolution, Torc is a place for innovators. Our core value of “winning teams” began with competitions, and our third-place win at the 2007 DARPA Urban Challenge served as the launching point for Torc’s business. Now it stands for how we approach teamwork and partnerships to achieve new goals.

At Torc, we have the strength of support from leading industry partners balanced with a small-team atmosphere that allows bright minds to enact meaningful change.

It takes a winning team to develop the technology that will lead us to a safer tomorrow. All that’s missing is you.


Software Engineering

From the code to the road, our software engineers develop autonomous technology together to save lives.

Our experienced team tackles Level 4 autonomous driving challenges in an industry vital to America’s commerce and is a safety-critical application. Not only are we developing an end-to-end software stack, but we’re also creating solutions for successful fleet-scaling, logistics and eventual commercialization.

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