Torc Remote task out of a vehicle.
Remotetask ™

Ultimate precision and safety in the most challenging environments

Designed for dangerous, dirty, and congested worksites.

Please Note: RemoteTask™ will reach its end of life on December 31, 2021. TORC will no longer sell RemoteTask™ after that date. TORC will continue to honor any existing RemoteTask™ warranties.

Designed for all Cat® D-series loaders, RemoteTask was created for one purpose: to remove the operator from the cab without sacrificing anything in terms of operational control, feel, and accuracy. That means you can keep working, even when conditions around the loader are not suitable for a human operator to physically be in the cab.

The system is modular by design, and can be moved from one loader to another quickly and easily. And because the controls mimic the in-cab controls, the system feels instantly familiar, which reduces training time for new users. For more details about the system, visit

Range to get the job done

Able to operate at ranges up to 1000 feet, RemoteTask offers the operator incredible flexibility to stay well clear of dirty or dangerous areas while maintaining complete control over the loader. And the controls remain as responsive and accurate as they are inside the cab itself.

Torc Remote task logo on the side of a construction vehicle.


To talk to a Torc support team member:

Phone: 800.530.9285


Documents & Downloads

RemoteTask End of Life Notice

Spec Sheet

RemoteTask Brochure

RemoteTask Operation & Maintenence Manual V. 2.0

RemoteTask Alpha Parts & Installation Manual V. 1.1

RemoteTask Parts & Installation Manual V. 2.0