Multifaceted positioning for revolutionary location accuracy

GPS is an incredibly powerful tool. But it’s not foolproof.

Rough weather, wooded areas, tunnels, valleys, switching between multiple satellites, and even overpasses and other large structures can create hiccups in GPS data. For an autonomous vehicle, even a momentary lapse in location accuracy can be devastating. That’s why we developed PinPoint.

PinPoint fuses data from multiple sensors, including GPS, to create far more reliable positioning, velocity, orientation and time metrics. This suite of sensors is always active, weighing all data to ensure accurate positioning even if GPS data is unavailable or inaccurate.

Ready whenever, and wherever you are.

PinPoint boots up in less than 30 seconds, with no alignment regimen or other complex startup procedures. Vehicle position, velocity and attitude are relayed in world, local, and vehicle coordinate frames for the ultimate in accuracy. And the system is designed to work with both skid-steer and Ackerman-type setups.


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