Torc self-driving car summer development highlights

on September 29, 2017

Torc’s self-driving car team had a busy summer as we improved capabilities and expanded testing environments for our autonomous system. Today, we’re releasing a video compilation featuring some of our recent testing and trips over the past few months.

The following are some highlights – in all cases, the car is driving completely autonomously.

  • Stop sign and traffic light detection
  • Autonomous driving in rain and traffic
  • Autonomous lane changes and merging
  • Newly released footage of the autonomous cross-country trip, which spanned 20 states and logged 4,300+ autonomous miles

We’re excited to share a compilation of just a few of the exciting accomplishments the team has achieved. Summer may be over, but our exiting work continues. We look forward to announcing more capabilities and developments soon.

Jim DudleyTorc self-driving car summer development highlights

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