This article, first published in 2017, provides an overview of Torc Robotics’ previous endeavors in developing a self-driving car for everyday consumers. With a comprehensive software suite and advanced perception modules developed by Torc, our pursuit of autonomous driving was greatly enhanced through this fascinating project. However, in 2019, we took a remarkable turn by redirecting our focus towards implementing this technology in self-driving semi-trucks. Collaborating closely with our original equipment manufacturer (OEM) partner, Daimler Truck, we are now delving into the future of autonomous shipping. To learn more about our ongoing project, please visit our trucking page for detailed information.

Torc’s self-driving car team had a busy summer as we continued development, improved capabilities and expanded testing environments for our autonomous system. Our video compilation below features some of our recent testing and trips over the past few months.

Although you may see a person in the driver’s seat in some of these clips, these cars are driving completely on their own; our in-cab safety driver is there for safety reasons, ready to take over in the event that the software encountered an unexpected issue. The following are just a few examples of obstacles and scenarios a driverless car will need to handle before it’s ready to roll into a self-driving car dealership.

  • Stop sign and traffic light detection
  • Autonomous driving in rain and traffic
  • Autonomous lane changes and merging
  • Our autonomous cross-country trip, which spanned 20 states and logged 4,300+ autonomous miles

We’re excited to share a compilation of just a few of the exciting accomplishments the team has achieved. Summer may be over, but our exciting self-driving car development continues.