Safe, smart, and sustainable. At Torc Robotics, we’ve been hauling these principles to the trucking world in never-before-seen ways. This time around, we’re taking the freight community with us.

We’re excited to announce our latest venture into the educational and entertaining side of autonomous trucking: Trucking Forward With Torc, a new podcast and video series hosted by Torc’s own Landon Middleton. Landon is a 13-year freight professional, author, and podcasting veteran; we’re excited to announce this development alongside his expertise.

As the freight industry is disrupted by the up-and-coming developments in autonomous technology, Torc’s new dual platform content invites audiences to navigate the next generation of freight with Class 8 driving’s latest news. Given the fast-paced and interconnected world of today, we’re adapting new ways of communicating. At Torc, we’ve always been mobile, adaptive, and innovative. With this new trucking-centered series, we’re making sure our information is accessible and downloadable to all.

Our New Podcast and Video Series

Every episode will bring on-air interviews with freight’s top leaders from our studio straight into your cab. From TAAC spokespeople to trucker advocacy non-profits, our roster of guests will apply their unique perspectives to topics like intermodal transportation, the CDL regulatory process, levels of autonomy, and more.

This semi-truck segment looks at the issues from every angle, ensuring that listeners not only get the big picture but the first-hand perspective. How do new regulations around maintenance impact a truck driver? How do they impact a fleet manager? In the same vein, how are federal government professionals beginning to think about autonomous semi-trucks? Are state-level professionals thinking about it differently? Trucking Forward puts these questions at the forefront of the conversation to deliver the all-important answers. This new series further contextualizes the history of semi-trucks with today’s news to provide a comprehensive view of what the industry might look like tomorrow.

Whether you’re a truck driver or a fleet manager, ‘Trucking Forward’ will have something for everyone who moves bulk freight – and for those who are just learning about the autonomous semi-truck world. Whether you’re looking to learn about what autonomy really means when it comes to long-haul freight or are well-versed in all things self-driving, Trucking Forward is dedicated to providing all audience members with a little bit more than they walked in with. On this new semi-truck focused podcast, all walks of life are invited to share their unique view on all things trucking, autonomy, and more. 

And the best part? We’re bringing you this news in podcast form as well as video. So whether you’re on the road or hanging out at home on the computer, our content is easy to digest and easy to access. Episodes can be pre-saved and downloaded for on-the-go listening on multiple podcast platforms, allowing you to stay “in the know” without scrolling through endless newsfeeds.

You can also subscribe to Torc Robotics on YouTube to get notifications of new episode uploads.

Landon MiddletonAbout Landon Middleton: Host and Former Trucking Professional

Host Landon Middleton is a member of the Torc Robotics team, a 13-year trucking professional, an author, and a freight expert. From his ability to build relationships with all walks of the semi-truck life to his personal expertise in long-haul hauling, Landon brings an open-door attitude to Torc’s newest venture. His personal experience in the Class 8 trucking industry, combined with his Torc-level familiarity with autonomy, allows him to get up close and personal with the autonomous trucking industry’s greatest hits, hottest topics, and more.

Landon is also the host of Truck Boss, a trucker-focused podcast that brings industry news, gear and equipment reviews, event news, and health news to the driving world. As a veteran in the podcasting world, Landon brings technical expertise and keen storytelling abilities to each episode he works on. Combined with a star-studded roster of guests, Landon’s podcasting experience is creating a platform that combines the best of the industry with the latest in autonomous semi-truck news.

At Torc, we’re thrilled that Landon has brought his interviewing experience and Class 8 trucking expertise to this brand new endeavor.

“I’m really excited about the launch of this show,” says Landon. “I really think it’ll give listeners a bird’s eye view of how software and freight come together to make the industry safer. Ultimately, this technology is going to save lives and I can’t wait to share that with our audience.”

Landon went on to mention his passion for the semi-truck community: the hardworking people who provide the transportation for almost everything we buy in stores. Whether it’s ensuring that produce is available year-round or driving life-saving medicines across the country, Landon believes that truck drivers are an integral part of the supply chain backbone. He looks forward to bringing all this news and more to Torc’s new series.

“Trucking Forward’s” first episodes will be available later in August 2022. Bookmark this article for updates as we get closer to launch to find links to the episodes on all popular platforms.