For 2022’s International Women in Engineering Day (June 23rd), a group of Torc’s women engineers allowed us to highlight them, and their stories and motivations. From those discussions came four unique videos, with messages about the problem they’re working on as part of the Torc team, their families, and in the end, what is most important. Watch all of them here, and follow Torc on social media as well as @INWED1919 and #INWED.

Many thanks to Jamie Barnes, Shraddha Bhalerao, Pranali Desai, Anjali Dhabaria, Yashoda Kesanapalli, and Nirmin Maarouf, for sharing your stories and lives, as we work to elevate women in engineering and STEM careers, alongside our INWED community.

The Autonomous Problem: Jamie Barns and Pranali Desai discuss the unsolved problem of autonomous trucking, and how it both excites as well as challenges them as engineers.

Family Support: Shraddha Bhalerao and Yashoda Kesanapalli share their own stories of how their family support has given them the freedom to pursue their careers and education.

Inspiration: Nirmin Maarouf and Anjali Dhabaria share the stories of their mentors, who they looked up to as young women, just starting on their path to becoming engineers.

What Really Matters: Nirmin Maarouf boils down what is most important to women, worldwide


International Women in Engineering Day began in the UK in 2014 as a national campaign from the Women’s Engineering Society. The campaign received UNESCO patronage in 2016, and became an international day of celebration in 2017. Torc will continue to support the INWED events and communications, and we’re proud and honored to share their perspectives.