top down photo of an autonomous truck.

The road to safer transportation

Our mission is to make the roads safer for everyone.

Our Approach to Safety

On the road to commercialization, we recognize that the team that builds a sustainable and safe solution will ultimately deliver fully autonomous technology. We are working towards this goal by emulating the driving behavior of the safest drivers on the road.

Torc Safety info graphic

  • A Marathon – Not a Sprint

    In our 15 years of experience, we've learned that reinventing the way we move doesn’t happen overnight. Our approach is an iterative one, continually building new capabilities and testing. Our timeline for commercializing self-driving trucks is dependent on safety, not on a specific date.

  • Safety = Success

    We tell our vehicle test teams that a safe test is a successful test. The processes exist to establish clear communication and provide double-checks for components and software.

  • Collaboration

    One of the reasons we chose to partner with Daimler Trucks was because of our shared safety culture. Their history of innovation in the safe development and validation of trucks, along with Torc’s experience in self-driving technology for safety-critical applications, creates a unique team that is well-suited to forward this mission.

  • Lessons Learned

    Our safety process includes checks and oversight from software iteration and simulation to closed-course and public road testing.  We use this information to track what went well and what can be improved. We call this process "Lessons learned." Everyone at Torc follows this process because we are all responsible for safety.