From conceptualization to commercialization, safety drives everything we do at Torc.

driven by safety

Everything, including our timeline to commercialization, is driven by establishing solid evidence on safety performance readiness. Torc’s experience delivering autonomous vehicles for use in safety-critical applications started over a decade ago as we worked with mining sites, construction crews, and various branches of the Department of Defense on advancing technology to help keep workers and warfighters safe in dangerous environments.

Now, we use those learnings to scale the right way. We seek the knowledge of veteran truck drivers to emulate and learn from the safest drivers on the road. Our self-driving software must pass through a series of rigorous testing and performance criteria before it can be deployed on the vehicle and driven on public roads. 


Our Voluntary Safety Self-Assessment (VSSA) report explores Torc’s innovative safety culture and details our comprehensive approach to the safe development, testing, and deployment of our autonomous driving system (ADS) technology in level 4 self-driving freight trucks. 

First Responder Guide and Quick Reference Sheet

The purpose of these documents is to assist first responder agencies and safety officials who may interact with Torc trucks equipped with our Automated Driving System (ADS) on how to engage with the truck in the course of their jobs. This includes how to interact with Torc personnel, either on the scene or post-event. This information is intended to be used by trained safety professionals and will be updated as needed. 


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