Every Thursday, Torc releases at least one episode of ‘Trucking Forward With Torc.’ Today, October 6, 2022, listeners got two!

Join trucker advocate Landon Middleton as he hosts Matt Eso of ‘The Little Guy Show’ and David Saunders, of WorkforceQA, as they each discover more about autonomous trucking, and how it will introduce new modes of transportation into an already complicated industry.

‘Little Guy Show’ Matt Eso on the TFWT Podcast

Matt from “The Little Guy Show” joins Landon to discuss how he has grown to be a social media influencer in trucking, and as a driver himself, shares how he feels autonomy will benefit the industry.

You can follow Matt Eso on YouTube and Instagram.


David Saunders, President of WorkforceQA, on the TFWT Podcast

David Saunders joins Trucking Forward with Torc to share insight on where safety and autonomy stand in the industry today. Plus, David dives into the challenges that autonomy may face.

You can find David Saunders on LinkedIn.



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