We made a big splash at CES 2018 in Las Vegas, Nevada, showcasing our Asimov self-driving car system. Here’s a quick recap of the week’s events:

Rain or shine, we offered demos throughout the week to consumers, press, and industry partners on the streets of Vegas.

AutoWeek: Here’s how the latest autonomous driving systems handle real-world scenarios

We released this video of our car autonomously handling a wrong-way driver while pedestrians were in the road and another car overlapped the lane.

Sensors Mag: Torc Car Thumbs Nose at Wrong-Way Drivers

CEO Michael Fleming was a panelist on the Robotics Trends discussion about “The Roadmap for Self-driving Cars” as part of its Artificial Intelligence conference.

Torc speaking at a CES panel.Torc at a CES panel

Alley Watch — CES 2018 recap: out of the dark ages

We announced our partnership with AAA to develop safety criteria for self-driving cars.

CEO Michael Fleming talking with an interviewer.

Torc CEO, Michael Fleming, discusses the Torc partnership with a representative from AAA California at CES 2018.

We were featured in these two stories:

Here’s what people were saying about us:

  • Engadget: “Torc Robotics, meanwhile, is one of the early pioneers of self-driving, having placed third in DARPA’S 2007 Urban Challenge — back when self-driving cars were a bit more bulky.”
  • TechCrunch: “Its latest partner in that effort is Torc Robotics, a self-driving technology company with loads of experience in automating heavy machinery and commercial equipment that’s now applying its expertise to the consumer market.”
  • AutoWeek: “To see just how much progress autonomous driving systems have made, have a look at Torc Robotics’ Asimov Level 4 self-driving system…it’s among the closest to being worthy of the once-shunned ‘self-driving’ label in development today.”

What’s next? We look forward to another exciting year ahead and CES 2019. 

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